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5 of the best wellbeing reads

I love a national day to help me consider ideas of what to post about and today, #nationalreadinthebathtubday is no different!

I thought I would take this opportunity to jot down some of my top reads this year (aside from Return to Life which stays in the list every year!)

I often get questioned about the books on my shelf in the Brooke studio; they more often than not start some interesting discussions, mainly whether clients have read the books or are interested in exploring the topics further.

I do love a non-fiction and some of these I am further through than others, but they all offer something thought provoking to ponder in terms of wellness and some have had a profound effect on my own practice and wellbeing.

  1. Return to Life. Joseph Pilates. A book so ahead of its time with some interesting reflections on how modern living impairs of physical fitness (and some less so!). It also provides a break down of the 31 original matwork exercises and how they should be performed

  2. Breath. James Nestor. Some eye opening insights into how small changes to the way we breathe can have huge impacts on our health and wellbeing, For example I am now concious of how I breathe and try to breathe through my nose whenever I can!

  3. Spoon Fed. Tim Spector. A myth busting look at how nutrition and the areas that surround it are sold to us as consumers in an extremely misleading way and what really needs to be considered for a 'healthy' diet. It delves into how all of our gut microbiome is so very different to each others and how the application of nutrition is not a one size fits all approach.

  4. Period/Hormone Repair Manual. Lara Briden. Lara Briden, a naturopathic doctor looks at providing people the knowledge and tools to support their hormone health. She looks at the wider picture such as diet, supplementation, and other natural treatments to support and provide balance as these hormone fluctuate through the menstrual and life stages.

  5. Stronger. Poorna Bell. A personal account of a journey through building physical and mental health. Looks at how outdated concepts of strength and fitness need to challenged within society. Awarded the Sports Performance Book of the Year at The Sunday Times Sports Book Awards 2022. It looks how strength and fitness, doesn't have to be solely about

  6. weight loss and how accessing this knowledge can lead to further gains in you own physical and mental strength.

What books have you enjoyed this year? Any recommendations always appreciated!


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