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Welcome! As the name suggests, I have one simple goal: to help you move! Modern life often involves plenty of rushing but not enough healthy, purposeful movement.


I love to work with everyday athletes...........My classes create the time and headspace for you to move;  move for pleasure, fitness and for overall wellbeing. By doing so, you will learn to reconnect with your body and enjoy a better relationship/awareness with it. Moving well means you are treating yourself kindly. But part of this includes gently challenging yourself too. As an experienced movement practitioner, I will help you to deepen your understanding of your body and improve your fitness.

THE MVEMENT STUDIO has been developed to allow you to find a class that motivates you to MovE!


A variety of classes and durations are available to ensure you find something for YOU. Find a time to MovE that gives you that boost! Morning, afternoon, evening we all have different times of the day which work for us so choose what works for YOU. Find a space that inspires you to MovE! At home, in person, outdoors, it’s important that the class fits seamlessly onto your schedule so that the benefits are felt by YOU.


My booking system offers flexibility; you book onto the classes individually therefore allowing you to book into multiple classes a week or none at all depending on your week. You even have the ability to change and move classes yourself, so why not join me and bring more healthy movement into your life?

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I am Emma and movement has always been my thing! From a young age I have danced, run and cartwheeled my way, finding that this my happy place.


From playing netball for my school and then for University, and studying dance from the age of 2 through to a Degree, Postgraduate Diploma and onto my Teaching Qualification, I have progressed with movement at the heart of what I do. Although fields of Pilates, Fitness and Yoga have always had a place in my own training, it was after the birth of my children I realised the healing and restorative capabilities of Pilates to regain, relearn and build strength. My values also changed in what and how I wanted to move my body. I have built knowledge of the importance of strength training and its role in supporting us both now and as we age.


Like many of us I love to progress my knowledge… current recent trainings I have completed include my Pilates Studio Equipment, Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions, Interval, HIIT & Bootcamp training as well a short course in nutrition and Female Centric Training to name few! 

I am a lover of all things Norfolk; I love the amazing sunrises and sunsets that the beautiful flat landscape provides, the wonderful beaches we have littered on our doorstep and the ease at which we can find solace in nature....I am a keen paddle boarder and love to get to out onto the broads. As part of The Mvement Studio I actively look to engage and work with local people and businesses. From the creation of this website, my collaborations for workshops, to being a member of The Feel Good Norfolk Collective, I am passionate to work with and support others working in Norfolk to showcase the best of what there is to offer!

Book me in! or take me to the Class Descriptions to find out more.

Have questions?  Want to learn more?

Please feel free to reach out by contacting me or check out our FAQ’s Section.

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