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You might understand how Yoga is a practice steeped in mindfulness and meditation... the 8 limbs of Yoga directly link into this idea of a wider practice outside of asana (physical yoga postures/practice), however you might be wondering, how does Pilates compare?

The modern day quest to have it all and the idea of non stop production goes against our natural rhythms. Although these rhythms differ between the sexes, failure to listen to these internal rhythms naturally has an impact on our stress response. We need adequate rest, nutrition, sunlight and movement to allow us to function and cope with the stresses both physically and mentally that come our way. Joseph Pilates when creating Contrology (now known as Pilates) was only too aware of this, which he documents in his books Your Health (1934) and Return to Life (1945).

Exercise is well documented for reducing stress hormones and increases endorphins and Pilates is no exception. It is a whole body resistance workout that builds strength, mobility and co-ordination. Taking part in a class or private session can build confidence, improve self esteem and provide some much needed fun and social interaction.

And how does it does it assist the mind? Well there are many examples of this; the use of breath, the control required, but also the idea of ‘Flow State’; if something provides a high level of challenge and requires a high level of skill for success it requires a person being completely present in the moment. It doesn’t allow for your mind to deviate or wonder...thus creating that blissful feeling!

MovES is a friendly community that empowers people to move in a way that is fun, fearless and feel good! Visit the class pages to book into a class or pop by to the studio at Park Farm, Brooke to find out more!!



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