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Winter Solstice ❄️

Today marks the day of shortest light, making it a perfect time for rest and reflection amongst the festivities. It is a great time to embark in aome much needed self care and to give thanks for whats gone and be ready to welcome the new year with intention and purpose. Some of my favourite self care

  1. Bath. Although it might not be what we have time for day to day, a soak in the tub with some magnesium suplhate is great for muscle recovery and sleep! There are some great salts infused with sleep promoting oils so have a look round and check with any health care provider if you are not sure if these are ok for you.

  2. Books. Maybe it is hard to fit in reading day to day or maybe Christmas goves a great excuse to curl up with a book, particularly if ita a gift or there's another rerun of a film/programme you've seen over and over! Some favourites of mine this year have been breath by James Nestor, Spoon Fed by Tim Spector, The Hormone Repair Manual (one for the ladies!) by Lara Briden and Return to Life by Joseph Pilates (I read this atleast once a year!)

  3. Breath. Focusing in on our breath can provide some much needed reset. This can be quite meditative and can ground us

  4. in the moment. If you can take a few minutes to focus on your breath. Maybe start by inhaling and exhaling through the nose (great for warming the breath and helping increase immunity) focusing in on the way the ribcage rises and falls. If you can then you can try counting the breath breathing in for four than out for four. If possible try this once a day starting with a couple of minutes and gradually increasing by 30 secs daily if possible..

  5. Bed (Rest!) This is also a time to get those extra z's in when you can, a nap in the afternoon is perfect during twixmas or even an early bedtime can really help promote rest and recovery during alot of socialising!

  6. Break from routine. The complete break from routine that comes at this time of year can either be a blessing or discombobulating! If possible try to embrace it and maybe challenge yourself to move in ways that you wouldn't normally be able to in routine, a five minute mobilise in the morning, a short strength circuit or a mid afternoon walk, whatever takes your fancy on that day! You never know you might find a habit or routine that you enjoy that you can add into your day!



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