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Why MovEment is so important....Part 1

I have had a number of discussions with clients in the past week about the importance of resistance training... so I created this infographic to breakdown what it is and the benefits.

All MovES classes are resistance based and therefore attending these classes does count towards the recommended 2/3 per week training that both the World Health Organisation and the Government recommend! How great is that!

Women over 30 lose a significant amount of muscle mass, as much as 3-8% per decade of life, this is why it is important to maintain resistance training as part of an active lifestyle. There are many other reasons why resistance training should be an important part of peoples routines......

1. It protects muscle mass and improves stamina, flexibility and strength overall

2. It protects bone density and therefore reduces risk/impact of osteoporosis

3. Decreases injury risk

4. Can help to reduce menopausal symptoms

5. Regular exercise (a combination of cardio and resistance) can support mental mental acuity and health

6. Increases metabolism helping you to keep healthy as you age

7. Improves general wellbeing, confidence, body image, mood and energy levels are all boosted!

8. Improves Sleep

This might have you saying 'I hate lifting weights/I can't do pressups! but fear not, there are so many wonderful ways to implement resistance work into your routine it's just a case of figuring out what you enjoy! If you want any further advice or guidance on how to get started, feel free to get in contact.



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