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Happy Global Running Day

So today is Global Running Day, and as many of my clients are runners, I thought I would jump online and write about what Pilates has to do with it!

Whether you run for health; have a goal you are trying to meet or are pushing your performance, combining Pilates into your weekly exercise or training schedule could have a host of benefits.

So firstly lets just be clear that to get better at running, you do have to do just that, run! So this blog is not suggesting this should take the place of any speed, hill, interval work that you are undertaking with training, however as we all know like many sports, running is a high impact, heavily repetitive and takes place mostly through one plain of movement; forwards and backwards. And with anything we do repetitively in life; whether with work, exercise, driving or sitting for prolonged periods, this can lead to tightness, soreness and possible injuries. Thr best way to offset this in the body is by doing something different, to offer variability.

So want benefits can Pilates bring?

  1. Increased Strength. Pilates can support and build more power through the development of core and leg muscles.

  2. Increased Mobility. Taking the hips as an example, working through the full range of movement will inturn help stride length and gait as well as finding an increase in flexibility throughan area people often consider tight.

  3. Awareness of breath and connecting it to movement. Pilates draws your focus to your breath and how to connect this to movement a skill which can be transferred to running.

  4. Better balance. Challenging the balance in a variety of ways allows you to have more control over your movement

  5. Injury Prevention. Moving through all plains of movement can work muscles, ligaments and tendons in a variety of ways which can allow the body to adapt and build resilience.

Maybe you feel like taking time away from running just won't produce the gains to your speed or distance or you've trued to do stretches/strength work before/after running but you just don't seem to be producing the results?

My advice get to a teacher led session! This provides accountability and means that the class is prepared for you! Not sure if you want to take time away from running, maybe your struggling to fit everything readt? Maybe set yourself 6 weeks to complete 2 sessions per week (could only be a 30min session) and see how this impacts how you feel!



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