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Christmas Gift Ideas

Happy December! As we enter this time of giving, I thought I would write a quick blog post with ideas for any movement lover! Pick one or a mix of the below to enter the new year suited and booted!

Gift Vouchers. why not give the gift of mvement to yourself or someone else! Vouchers start from £25 and can be used towards a regular class or as a one off; a class with a friend or two or to try the reformer? Why not pop into the cafe after for coffee or lunch and make an event of it? Gift Vouchers can be purchased online or in the studio. A hard copy of the gift card can also be sent alongside an egift card purchase.

Mats (other small props: weights, therabands magic circles). These are a firm favourite for gifting. There are plenty of great brands but two of my favourites are core balance or mad hq as they are good quality, procide good customer service and have great feedback on their products. My advice for mats are related to thickness. If you want a thicker mat my advice would be to look at about 10mm if just Pilates or 8mm for yoga and Pilates so it doesn't slip/move in different directions.

Grip Socks. These are now available for purchase in the studio and are flying off the shelves! Perfect for this cold weather and not having your feet run away or the socks coming off the feet. There are a variety of types and colours and they are a general shoe size of 4-8. Each pair are £14.99.

Books. 2 books that I have really loved this year are Breath by James Nestor and Built to Move by Kelly Starrett. Another firm favourite is Return to Life by Joseph Pilates.

Arc Barrel. Out of all the small equipment, thisnis the one that most clients wish they had. A little more on the expensive side, but a great way to open the upper back/ shoulders and work the core along many other exercises and I can give you a set of exercises to work through.

Pilates Clothes. As most of you know I am a firm fan of sweaty betty as find there is alot of variety in their range and their clothing is long lasting and good quality. They have just had a big black friday sale and there is still plenty off offers available.

Skin and Body Care. These two companies offer great options for natural deodorant, lipcare and then face and body options for active people. I love the magnesium bath bombs, gel magnesium moisturiser and facial oil. There is currently 20% off pretty athletic on the website.



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