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Been looking to MOVE with someone who knows you and your goals and attend classes that leave you feeling strong, mobile and energised? 

Want something that is personal and bespoke to your needs rather than off the shelf... in a calm, friendly, fully equipped studio right on your doorstep.... then you have come to the right place!

What to expect...

Set in the beautiful South Norfolk countryside, the small studio in Brooke offers you a way of moving that is as unique as you are! I believe moving your body should be inclusive, fun and feel good, from mat Pilates to strength based circuits, and cardio Pilates to reformer sessions; the variety and mix of durations means you can find something that works in your schedule.


Because life can be complicated and every day is different, we offer a variety of passes with a flexible booking system that allows YOU to have control over what and when you book.... and when you cancel!

Movement Coaching

Popular Classes

  • Mon

    8 British pounds
  • Mon, Tue, Thu

    10 British pounds
  • Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

    30 British pounds

Find out about how you can move at home, short workouts of 15-30 mins that are easy to slot into your day, whenever the time suits. Pick from mobility, strength or cardio! 

Why The Mvement Studio?

Multiple classes to choose from

We offer multiple styles of class to suit those of all ages, experience level and motivation.

Try new classes and styles

Mix & Match classes to find which you prefer, or just to keep it interesting!

Join a friendly community

At The Mvement Studio  we strive to create a community of like-minded, supportive individuals.

Pay Per Class or get a Pass

Whether you would like to sign up for 6 classes at once or pay as you go, the choice is yours!

Charles Blyth

"Highly  recommended. I have been taking part in weekly classes and have felt the difference. From a busy week, it has been a blessing to have a moment to engage and ground oneself. really makes the most of my weekends."

Summer O'Connor

 "I have been attending Pilates classes with Emma for several months now. I have loved every class. Emma has so much knowledge and experience which shines through during her classes. I find Emma’s Pilates classes interesting and challenging and I definitely know I’ve worked hard the next day! Emma is an amazing teacher and definitely kept me going through lockdown. I have seen a change in my body, it is more toned and feels a lot stronger, I always look forward to the next class.​​​​​​​"

Jane Delbridge

"I love the fact the class changes every 2 weeks, keeps it interesting for me, and often there are moves I haven't tried before. You work really hard and Emma's encouragement helps especially when your muscles are tiring. It really is the best class I have done."

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